Monday, April 19, 2010

Can It Be Said of Us?

Can it be said of us that we seek out those who are in pain? Those who are hurting? Can some of us even make it a point, let alone our lives mission? It has occurred to me recently that we seem to subconsciously seek out the company of those like us or worse off. This to say, we make ourselves feel better about ourselves in the process. Is that the reason we are given these gifts? Is that the reason I have the job I have, in the position I'm in? I'm in a midlevel position of power. Does it mean that I can treat people like they have diseases and I can avoid them at all costs? Just for those of you wondering, the answer is no.

Now, I am not saying that company with people in your physical, emotional, or spiritual condition is not good. But what are we to do with those we wouldn't normally associate with? Do you believe in your heart that the people you see most often are just those that you are stuck with in your station of life? Or is there some bigger purpose? Did Jesus not come to those who were sick, dead, or dying? Answer: He did. But they also sought Him out. Not for any sense of being elevated in status just by being by Him. Because they knew He could heal.

But still the selfish monster inside of us that often becomes who we are steals the joy from our spirits. It steals the happiness from our faces. When then, are we different? We're not, as we all become the same faceless, asymmetrical disfigurations. And we become lowly. Not lowly in the eyes of the world, but lowly in the eyes of the only Being that has any hope of saving us from becoming the aforementioned ugly creatures. Money spoils like milk when you keep it for selfishness. It turns the depths of your spirit into the recesses of the darkness. Our hearts long for more than lip service and a quick white lie to remove any guilt.

There must be a turning point. The sad thing is that often, the turning point happens when we've realized that we've screwed up. Sometimes, irrevocably. The important question is, "Can it be said of us that we gave, even when it hurt?" Sure as hell, hell is sure.