Monday, June 28, 2010

Crooked and Easily Destroyed

There's no telling when things will be good, when things will be bad. But with that in mind, we act preemptively. We can use what little knowledge we have to avoid it, or counteract it, but at one point, the one thing you don't want to happen will happen. These are the times that test you. The times that show you and everyone else what you're made of. The times that can often make or break who you will become. Those of us who don't have faith in something, we will turn to vices. Certain things we know will make the situation worse. Somehow, we don't care or we don't notice.

Those of us who have faith will turn to it. Does it comfort us? Sometimes. Here's the point: most of the country still identifies themselves as Christian. But, in my experience, most people will only need God when they don't know what else to do. The basis of any kind of faith is not to lean first on our understanding. Did you know that we only use 15% of our brain's capacity? We have no idea how to access the other 85%. But that's the point here. When we think we can build a tower of Babel, we will stop at no end. When we think we need God only when that 15% fails us, then we don't need Him at all, because we are lukewarm. And God spits the lukewarm from His mouth. He will say that He never knew you.

We let God help with what we need, but when do we do what God needs done? And we can't wait to be fixed to be useful. That situation that we're missing may be the time we learn to be fixed. And God really can't use you until you're completely broken. Only when we are empty can we be filled. For those of us who have been spit out, consider this: You say you've never felt used. I guarantee, you were missing the first step. Without all the steps, whatever you're building comes out crooked and easily destroyed.