Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some friends and I were having a discussion about this the other night and I wanted to get some thought going. So, the question is, can you have logic in faith? I wanted to start a discussion, but just getting some thoughts brewing would be good too. One of my friends asked this question on Facebook a little while ago, but I wanted to extend this to anyone who didn't get in on that discussion.

My personal opinion here is that, no, logic cannot exist in faith. Faith, by definition is the evidence of things unseen, the hope of things promised. When you throw a word like logic in with faith, to me, it takes the power out of that word. The only people who don't understand the kind of power that it has have never understood how faith affects you. How it makes you a better person when stepping out. I have had moments where using any reason that I have learned in this world would have entirely broken the concept of faith, and if you would like to know more, ask me about it. I'm uncomfortable publicizing another's spiritual journey.

You see, the great thing about faith is the fact that it typically defies reason. In a situation where faith says to do one thing that seems crazy, reason tells us not to. But what if the thing that seems crazy leads to something that is so sane, it would have felt stupid to not believe. Even without the foreknowledge. Hindsight is 20/20.

I think some of us see faith as a personality trait rather than an actual act of obedience. It's the one thing that separates people of action from people of mere thought. It's also the one thing that can really make or break a spiritual walk. I've unfortunately seen many friends go down that road. The truth is, they never really experienced a crystallizing moment where the answer in a situation doesn't seem clear, but God has given them the answer. They were clearly just burnt out having to face those circumstances in the most emotional parts of their lives. But personally, I have learned that those who have lost faith in God, lose faith in everything else too. Slowly, but surely, they lose faith in the quality or longevity of relationships, they lose faith in the power of feeling powerless.

And the truth also is that feeling powerless is the most real feeling that most of us all experience, Christians or not. The difference is in how we react. Some of us will isolate ourselves, as feeling powerless makes us also feel weak. Don't confuse the two. Feeling weak makes us retreat whereas feeling powerless often makes us look for what we might be missing. Then there are some who will attempt to fix whatever they feel is wrong. The thing that really messes with us is that sometimes, when we are on our knees and broken of our pride is when we are the most useful. God cannot use the prideful to bring humility. And that scares all of us. None of us differ in our reactions regardless of what religion we claim as our own. Some of us will fight, and some of us will lose control. We will often blame God for putting us in this position. The funny thing about that is...God has just shown you how thin and brittle your faith was. If it breaks, it's because we didn't hold on tightly enough. We all take hits to our faith when things don't work out the way we thought. But some of us will patch it up and some of us, well, will do nothing. Because the world's logic tells us there is nothing to hold on to.

Don't you know that all things hang as you by a string over the darkness...poised to fall?
-Taken from the song "Beggars" by Thrice-