Thursday, July 26, 2012

The High Tide of Morality?

All this talk about Chik-fil-A is getting me riled up, so we have another rant in store today.

Let me start out by saying, their statement is in no way an affront to homosexual couples.  Personally, I am happy to see a company who doesn't hide behind the popular thought of the day.  I agree with them, it does not mean I hate homosexuals.  It means I believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman.  I also believe that homosexual couples should at least have the same perks of marriage if not marriage.  Power of attorney, being a medical proxy, filing taxes.  That's fair and if we're not going to give them those rights through a civil union, I believe they should get them in some form.

That being said, all of you on the "equality" side seem to think you're all the "moral authority".  But the fact of the matter is you judge us because we don't share your opinion.  I'm pretty sure the first amendment protects our ability to speak our minds.  If you think we're closed-minded, show us how to be open-minded.  If you think we're judgmental, stop judging us.  You are the moral authority aren't you?  Secondly, the ability for homosexuals to get married will end the same way heterosexual marriage ends.  At some point, they won't want it anymore either, the divorce rate will be above 50% for them too, and kids will always be destroyed by that.  So what are we really fighting so hard for anyway?  Things will always get progressively worse as time goes by if we don't avoid the pitfalls that we seem to jump into.

Now, every generation in the history of history has had this problem.  I think it can be best illustrated by discussing the hippy generation.  But, please remember, this is not an affront to the hippy generation.  The hippies were looked down upon because of their radical ideas for peace.  Now the idea doesn't seem so crazy but it was not popular outside of hippy culture.  They grew their hair out, they staged demonstrations, and they generally had all kinds of detached sex.  To the previous generation, they seemed like the scourge of the country.  Now look at us.  How much has changed?

We still decry the war we just had, even though it accomplished it's purpose and had much support at the start, we still have all kinds of detached and meaningless sex with people we don't know or only know for a short time, and the hair, well, the hair is a small issue these days.  We still scream for equality, this time for a different demographic, and don't do the work to earn it.  So at the very least, the only things that have changed are the hot button issue of the day, and the ones who carry the prevalent opinion.  And with everything that's going on these days, the rising crime rates, the rising divorce rates, the rising number of people who don't believe in God, and our give-nothing-but-take-all mindsets, I wouldn't be able to say that we are at the high tide of morality these days.  Would you?

Let me ask you, if you are all about equality and not judging people, then why do you instantly judge Christians?  Because you generalize them, just like you've been generalized.  So if you really want equality, we're all generalizing each other and that sounds pretty equal to me.  Ghandi said we have to be the change we want to see.  You want to start seeing change?  Be it.  If what they say is true, then the best revenge is living well isn't it?

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